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16 Jan

Mule Camp

Starting this spring I found myself in a pickle.  I had some good, old mules that we’d been using for years.  Reliable, trustworthy, always ready.  The problem was, four of them had gotten a lot older than I realized.  So, it was time for some new mules.  In the course of my mule hunting I came a

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This may seem like an odd topic, but I have to tell you it’s the one I spend an inordinate amount of time on.  You see, these saddles are basically the intermediary between an immovable object (the packs) and an unstoppable force (the mules).  Something has got to give – and that’s usually the pa

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Winter Horses

A Lazy H horses and mules are busy packing people, provisions, and gear throughout Montana's wild mountain country.  In the winter and spring, we give them some well deserved R&R.  So, while they don't have to work in the winter, they do have the not-insignificant challenge of dealing with the harsh Montana winters.  I get the questions of "how does a horse stay warm in the winter" regularly.  This post talks about the critical elements for making it through the winter, including good feed, shelter, accessible water, and the evolutionary advantages they have with their remarkable winter coats.

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Hard Winter Work

 John Vollertson is a local writer and historian, and accompanied us on a summer pack trip into the North Fork of the Sun River near our summer camp at Gates Park.  He was doing some research for a book on 19th century railroad tie cutters.  The tie cutters were some real tough guys who would spend the winters in the mountains cutting down trees, hewing flat sides on them, and cutting them to length for the railroads that were being built across the West.  John's research was into the men and methods of cutting and transporting these railroad ties from the headwaters of nearby rivers and getting them to railroads. 

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A Lazy H Outfitters is a family business operated by the Haas family. Al, Sally, and Joe Haas have been taking guests into the mountains for decades. Our passion is providing enjoyable and high quality adventures.



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