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The Haas's have been providing extraordinary hunting, fishing, and horse pack trips into the wild lands of the Bob Marshall Wilderness since the 1970's.  Since that time we've had a priviledge of meeting and guiding the best darn guests you could ever hope to meet through this wild and amazing country.  At A Lazy H we spend a significant amount of time behind the scenes preparing for and taking care of all the details for your excursion.  We believe that's really important - attention to details.  It shows up with the camp gear, provisions, stock, tack, and trip routes.  We haven't found a good way to control the weather, but there are many other aspects to having a great trip and we do account for all of those. 

We've found over the years that no matter how well we plan, when we get into the mountains with livestock and people, the unexpected can happen.  Being nimble, adaptive, and resourceful while providing a safe, high quality excursion are additional hallmarks of our outfit.  When the unexpected happens, we have a lot of tricks in our bag to use to make sure that your trip continues without a hitch.


A Lazy H Outfitters operates on the Lewis & Clark National Forest and Flathead National Forest with permit 558, Allen Haas.  A Lazy H Outfitters is also proudly associated with the following sportsmens, outdoor enthusiasts, and professional organizations dedicated to preserving hunting, fishing, wild lands, and our western historical heritage.




Our Team

Sally Haas

Sally and Al purchased A Lazy H Outfitters in 1979 and have been operating it continuously since then.

Joseph Haas

Joseph was raised along the Rocky Mountain Front west of Choteau and has always been going to the mountains guiding hunters, fishermen, and explorers.  Joseph and Lisa Haas have been supporting the operations of A Lazy H for many years.

Royce Vallejo
Guide Extraordinaire

Royce has been roaming the mountains of Montana since he was knee-high to a grasshopper.  He is a man of many talents, including big game guiding, horse training, horse packing, saddle maker, equipment repair master, and many other things.  He's definitely the guy you want with you when you're going after big game deep in the rugged wilderness.

Al Haas

Al and Sally Haas purchased A Lazy H Outfitters from longtime pioneering outfitters and homesteaders Kenny and Alice Gleason in 1979.  We have been taking guests and friends through the wild and beautiful country of Montana every year since the late 1920's.

Ian Brooks
Packer - Wrangler - Guide

Ian came to us from Wyoming last year and has been an incredible resource.  Ian has worked at guest ranches, spend innumerable hours on saddle horse, and guided fishermen on many remote wilderness streams.  He quickly learned our system and has become a critical part of the team.  He recently spend a semester in Croatia studying abroad and current attends the University of Delware.

Blake Gunderson
Packer - Wrangler

Blake's family are great friends of the Haas' and live in Choteau.  Blake decided he wanted to go to the mountains last summer and learn the ropes of mountain work.  He quickly became an integral part of the team and helped out in all facets of the summer packtrips.  Blake assisted us with packing, wrangling, guiding fishermen, and cooking to name a few important tasks.  Our guest had a great time with Blake and we are excited for his continued success with us.  Blake attends Choteau High School and wrestles when he's not packing mules.


A Lazy H Outfitters is a family business operated by the Haas family. Al, Sally, and Joe Haas have been taking guests into the mountains for decades. Our passion is providing enjoyable and high quality adventures.



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