Gates Park/Ray Creek Fishing

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Gates Park/Ray Creek Fishing

Start Date: 
Saturday, August 17, 2019 to Wednesday, August 21, 2019
5 days
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Riding, Fishing, Exploring, Hiking


This is superb mid-summer trip into our beautiful Gates Park camp on the North Fork of the Sun River.  We generally stay here 4 nights and explore the many points of interest on day rides from camp.  The area around Gates Park is full of late 19th century western history, as well as earlier native Indian history.  Additionally, there are spectacular vista points from areas like Biggs Creek meadows and Bear Top Fire Lookout.  The fly fishing this time of year is exceptional as the weather is hot and stable, and the terrestrial bugs are out in force during the day.

This trip allows 3 solid days of fly fishing  on the North Fork.  We can access the upper reaches near Ray Creek, the area around camp, or go further downstream to Biggs Creek and Moose Creek.  Anywhere you go you will have amazing fishing action, we just like to give you a different view of the river and different stretches to try.

For the non-fisherman, we have a lot of different day ride options available to you including rides to Biggs Creek meadows, Bear Top Fire lookout, Sock Lake on the Chinese Wall, and many other options.  The ride to Sock Lake is a lot of fun, and there is a aggressive climb up to the lake, but the views are astounding and the fishing isn't too bad either.

While the days are long, you will find our night-time skys are spectacular with deep space views of the galaxy and beyond.  The stargazing, as with our daytime scenery, is simply unparalleled by any in the lower 48 states.  Many of our guests find themselves staying up to early morning watching the evening sky and the amazing amount of activity that goes on out there at night!

The ride into the Gates Park camp is about 14 miles, starting at the South Fork Teton Trailhead and crossing over Headquarters Pass.  The pass is awe inspiring with views deep into the mountains and out to the Great Plains - truly breathtaking.  The ride from the pass into camp is a long gradual ride down into the Sun River valley where we camp about 10 minutes from the river.  Riding this trail in early July you have a great option to see elk, black bear, mule deer, and often other animals as we follow Headquarters Creek.  At the river is a suspension bridge, which is quite useful if the river is high.  This bridge was originally built in the 1940's but was washed out in a mid-60's flood of epic proportions, then rebuilt.  It's a neat experience to cross a suspension bridge on horseback - you'll love it!

On our final day we ride back out the same trail to the South Fork Trailhead. 


This is a super trip for those not wanted to travel too much, yet getting to an area with a lot of options.  For the fisherman, this is an outstanding fly fishing experience.  The horse day rides, historical points of interest, and amazing vista points will keep the non-fisherman thrilled as well.

What To Bring: 

Weather this time of year is pretty warm in the day - well into the 80's.  Bring layer for cool mornings and ability to get down to comfortable gear during the heat of the day.  The horseflies and mosquitos are fading by this time of year, but there maybe a few around.  Raingear is always appropriate for the occassional thunderstorm.  The fishermen will need wading gear and sun protection.

Detailed camping and fishing gear recommendations are available below for download.

Recommended Camping Gear (pdf)

Recommneded Fishing Gear (pdf)



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