Gates Park Fishing

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Gates Park Fishing

Start Date: 
Sunday, July 14, 2019 to Thursday, July 18, 2019
5 days
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Fly Fishing, Riding, Exploration


This trip begins at the South Fork Teton trailhead.  Your first day will climb the remarkable trail over Headquarters Creek Pass (7,200ft) with outstanding vistas deep into the Bob Marshall and even glimpses out to the plains.  We often see mountain goats and big horn sheep in the basins nearest the pass.  The rest of the day is a gradual drop down Headquarters Creek to the Sun River.  The valley walls along the creek are a mix of re-foresting from a decades old fire, and you often can see elk and blackbear along the trail.  The end of this 13 mile day is the Gates Park camp, on Gates Creek, just a short distance up from the North Fork of the Sun River.  We'll spend four nights at the Gates Park camp.

The next 3 days are spent doing whatever excites you most.  The fishermen have easy access to several great stretches of the Sun River for fishing.  This is the start of the fishing season, and the river will be a little higher, clear, cold and easily crossed on foot.  The days will be warming quickly, so expect hot days in the 80's and cool nights in the high 40's.  The insects (flies, grasshoppers, etc) will be coming out in force, so this creates a superb environment for lots of fishign action on top of the water.  The fishrmen can catch 60 trout per day, and generally return to camp exhausted and thrilled!

For the non-fishermen, there are equally thrilling activities.  We can do any number of day rides from camp.  These may include excursions to a nearby fire lookout (Bear Top), gentle rides along the river at Biggs Creek Flats, or a day ride up to Sock Lake under the Chinese Wall.  All are amazing experiences you'll definitely want to consider.

The final day of your adventure we ride out over Headquarters Creek and Headquarters Pass to the South Fork trailhead.  



This is a superb trip for mixed groups of fishermen and non-fishermen.  The fishermen will keep busy on various stretches of river, where you rarely will see anyone else.  We can get you to any number of areas to fish depending on where the best action is.  For the non-fishermen, we can keep you going with some day rides to outstanding points of interest including Bear Top, Sock Lake, and many other locations.  

Of particular interest, due to the absolute remote nature of the Bob Marshall, there is zero light polution, and near perfectly clear skies.  The nighttime viewing of stars, constellations, the Milky Way galaxy, and numerous shooting stars make for a rare opportunity to see our night time sky in a way you've not seen it before.  The days are long out here, so plan on staying up late as sunset is about 10pm.

What To Bring: 

This trip will start to see the hot weather set in, so plan for days in the 80's and nights in the high 40's.  Heavy jackets are not necessary, but a sweater will be handy.  Layers are always ideal as our temperatures change so much during the day.  We don't typically get extended cold fronts or heavy rains this time of year, but we will have the ocassional thunderstorm move through.  Also, the bugs start to come out in force this time of year so plan coverage accordingly.  Our mosquito hours are quite short, but we have horse flies and deer flies during the heat of the day.  More details on fishing and camping gear can be found below.


Recommended Camping gear (pdf)

Recommended Fishing gear (pdf)


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