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Big Game Hunting

Montana has a reputation of being the pre-eminent hunting destination in the western states.  Our here, our days are long and so is our season.  The early rifle season opens in mid-September and runs through the end of November.  This enables us to offer our guests different hunting experiences.  Our backcountry wildnerness hunts are based in tent camps in the Bob Marshall Wilderness and these week long hunts start in September and go through early November.  These camps are in the heart of resident elk and mule deer herds.  We also have good populations of black bear and wolf which are more opportunistic.   Towards the end of the general season we offer mule deer hunts on public lands west of our ranch.  These are great migration hunts to close out the season.

Early Season Wilderness Hunts

The early rifle hunts is typically the earliest rifle opener for big game in the US.  Our early rifle hunts are based from wilderness camps are deep in the Bob Marshall Wilderness. These hunts start in mid-September and generally overlap the bull elk rut. There are opportunities for trophy mule deer bucks as we find them in their bachelor herds higher up on the mountainsides.  Bull elk hunting and mule deer buck hunting often occur in the same area and give you great choices in hunting both species. 

There are also opportunities for to harvest a nice black bear or wolf as we can see these animals opportunistically in the general hunting area of the early season.

We provide guided hunts and unguided hunts in these early season camps. Click here for more information on our Early Season Wilderness Hunts.

General Season Wilderness Hunts

Our general season wilderness hunts are in the shadow of Glacier National Park just east of the continental divide.  In this area you will find classic later season bull elk hunting and mule deer buck hunting.  The elk typically are moving into bachelor herds and the mule deer are starting to move down from the high country as they gather in herds.  We still have opportunities for black bear through the end of October and wolf through the season we are there.  

Click here for more information on our General Season Wilderness Hunts.

Late Season Mule Deer Hunts

Our late season mule deer hunts take place on the National Forest lands of Rocky Mountain Front just west of Choteau.  These are day-hunts (meaning we do not set up camps).  The area west of Choteau  is the last stop on the migration route for the mule deer as the move from the mountains to the prairie to winter each year. The mule deer bucks are starting to gather with the does and the deer rut starts towards the end of November.

Click here for more information on our Late Season Mule Deer Hunts.


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